VUZF University and b2b Magazine organize the fifth international scientific conference, Industry and innovation – 2014, “Innovation: Engine for Economic Growth”, which will be conducted on 30-31 October 2014 in Kempinski Hotel Zografski, Sofia, Bulgaria. The event will gather representatives of government, the European Commission, representatives of other international institutions, senior managers in the private sector and lead Bulgarian and international researchers. The emphasis of this year’s event will be on innovative activities and projects as well as on economic perspectives and new generation realities in Bulgaria and the global world. The participants will discuss policies and good practices for development and support of innovation activities. Specific approaches and instruments for improvement of the competitiveness of Bulgarian firms and foreign companies in Bulgaria through innovation management will be presented.

Welcome speech will be delivered by the President Institution of the Republic of Bulgaria. The event will attract international speakers, like prof. Liora Katsenstein, member of the Board of several innovative companies in Israel and co-founder of ISEMI – world famous education institute in the area of entrepreneurship in Israel, Mr. Eiran Amos, former President of Haifa University, who has been a major presence in the business and political realm in the past four decades in Israel and the USA, Dr. Salvatore Zecchini, present Chairman of the Working Group under OECD for SMEs and Entrepreneurship, economic advisor to several ministers on economic, industrial policy and financial issues, former Executive Director for Italy at the Management Board of the International Monetary Fund, Mr. Hernik Poulsen, General Manager of Green House, powered by Copenhagen Tech Park, and Mr. Giuseppe Gramigna, Chief Economist of the US Small Business Administration. High level officials of the Bulgarian government, as well as the European Commission and International Financial Institutions will also take part in the panels. Senior managers of international businesses will speak at the forum as well.

Top researchers from leading scientific centers and universities in Denmark (Copenhagen Business School and Copenhagen Tech Park), UK/Greece (Sheffield University), Germany (Center for European Economic Research in Mannheim), Austria (Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies), Economic Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences will also take part in the event, as well as members of the diplomatic corps in the country.
Key areas for discussion

The event will emphasize on sustainable and responsible business practices, large innovation projects, as well as those competences and skills, which are necessary for the success of businesses and institutions in the conditions of new economic realities. The forum will offer a discussion in the framework of new economic challenges and dialogue that will present variety of possibilities for development of a friendly business environment. The event will also discuss the opportunities, enshrined in the new Operational Programs “Innovation and Competitiveness” and “Science and Education for Smart Growth” for Bulgaria in the EU funding framework period 2014-2020.


  • Policies and legislation in the innovation area
  • Incentives for investments through government and European funding instruments
  • Financial instruments for innovation activities
  • Innovations in the private sector


250 guests (government, business, academia, think tanks, international and national experts)

The conference has established itself since 2010 as a platform for discussion between business and government in the areas of innovative technologies and specific initiatives for sustainable business development. The participants discuss the general framework for sustainable business development in Bulgaria with international practices in that area and lead a dialogue with the government for concrete stimulus measures for innovation activities. The international conference “Industry and Innovations 2014” targets to demonstrate the progress of companies in Bulgaria and the international experience through participation of lead international experts. Through the partnership with VUZF University, the conference aims to underline the need to include lead Bulgarian and international researchers and representatives of international institutions in the discussion between business and government in respect to the role of innovation (policies, instruments and legislation) for achieving high economic growth.

Concert performance

Arte Classica (www.arteclassica.org) will offer a classical concert “Evening of Russian Music” on October 30 at 7 pm in the Russian Cultural and Information Center in Sofia, Bulgaria.